What to Expect

Xtreme Sounds Professional DJ Service is all about the music but not just about the music.

The atmosphere of your celebration or party is important. Xtreme Sounds cuts no corners when it comes to setting a mood. We want the music to be enjoyed and the dancing to be an Xtreme experience. Below is an outline sample of what you can have at your next event!

Geyser RGB Vertical Fog Machine

Make a statement with Geyser™ RGB — a unique effect fogger that adds a touch of drama to any performance. This powerful fogger blasts a vertical stream of safe, water-based fog while simultaneously illuminating it with 21 high-power (3W) LEDs. A combination of red, green and blue LEDs allows you to easily mix the perfect color to illuminate the fog.

DJ Mega Bar LED

• Ultra bright, indoor LED Color Bar with 252 10mm LEDs (48 Red, 108 Green, & 96 Blue LEDs
• Great as an architectural wall wash or for performance stages where traditional stage lighting emit a lot of heat onto performers
• 5 operational modes, Program mode, Auto mode, Sound mode, Master/Slave mode & DMX
• Very smooth field with rich palettes of color created by mixing the Red, Green and Blue LEDs
• Smooth RGB color mixing (fast or slow color change operation)
• Color strobe effect

Mega Par Can (Room Lighting)

The Mega Par Can is a great light that brings colour and excitement to any event. These lights are great for Weddings, Jack & Jill's, up lighting, stage lighting or even color washing a room. This fixture as a unique "sit flat" design so that it may sit directly on the ground or inside our truss. With these you have the ability to change the colour of room during the night from a variety of different colours. A nice way of setting the mood for any party. (Room Lighting Is The Only Lighting That Has An Additional Fee, Please Contact Us For Pricing)

Antari S-100II Snow Machine

The Antari S-100II is a light and portable machine which is perfect for clubs effects, movie sets and stage settings. It gives the effect of snow lifelike effects on demand. Let it SNOW all season round!

Atmospheric RG LED

The Atmospheric RG LED, from American DJ, creates a psychedelic atmospheric effect from unique “web type” red and green laser patterns and a dark blue LED wash all built into one case.

H20 DMX Pro

The American DJ H2O LED Pro is a multi-colored simulated water flowing effect with DMX-512 control and a bright, 50W LED source. The unit produces almost no heat, requires very little power (69W max) and can be used all night long. The LED is rated at 30,000 hours of use.

Mr. Kool

Mr. Kool is a great machine that gives you a low level fog. It is perfect for giving that scary atmosphere or bring out laser beams from some of our other lights.

Perfect for Halloween and Theatrical events

Spitfire RGY

The Spitfire RGY is a DMX and sound active RGY (Red, Green, Yellow) laser unit. It utilizes high speed optical scanners to create time-tunnel, aerial beams and animated laser effect. The Spitfire RGY has 64+ pre-programmed patterns that can be manipulated to create a stunning laser light show. It is a must have for any medium sized club, bar, mobile DJ or rental service.

Fusion FX Bar 5

The American DJ Fusion FX Bar 5, a member of the popular Fusion Series, has three effects built into one unit. It features a TRI Color LED Moonflower, LED Strobe effect and an ADJ “Galaxian Style” red and green laser. Users can activate this effect by Sound Activation, linking them in a Master/Slave configuration, by DMX-512 protocol, or by using the easy-to-use UC3 Controller.

Xtreme DJ Spot LED

The DJ Spot LED is a compact Intelligent Moving Head fixture with a 25W Surface Mount Diode (SMD) LED source. With the advances in technology, American DJ now offers higher output with the same quality and affordability that comes from our range of DJ lighting products. The DJ Spot LED is a “WIN-WIN-WIN” in terms of performance: It's 25W LED source offers a 50,000 hour life, the power consumption is only 50-watts, and the unit may used all night long!

Xtreme UV Canon

• 400W Super High output Black light • Ideal for large venues • Comes with Hanging Bracket. • Lamp: LL-400BL.

Add some ambience and black light experience to your coming event with the use of the UV Canon. Great for the larger venues but still has use in the smaller ones.

Xtreme Spherion WH LED

The Spherion WH LED produces an effect that is similar to a modern Mirror Ball. It features five bright 3-Watt white LED sources that project sharp beams of light that slowly rotate and fill an entire room. The unit has a low 27W power draw, and includes rubber feet and a removable hanging bracket so the unit can be set on floor or table or hung from the ceiling.

Xtreme Disco Ball

High Quality 20 inch Glass Mirror Ball. A disco ball (also known as a mirror ball, glitter ball, ball mirror, crystal ball, or specular sphere) is a roughly spherical object that reflects light directed at it in many directions, producing a complex display. Great for any event!

Xtreme Smoke Machine

When you need to add smoke, either to a concert, bar, party or club. We like to use the American Dj’s Fog Array. This little unit has enough power to fog out 3000 cubic feet per minute. (Caution: Fog Array may set off Smoke Alarms and precautions should be taken)

Xtreme Big Shot Led

We always like to look our best when disc jockeying so why not have your guests look their best! We like to use the American Dj’s Big Shot LED. This little Strobe light accents us when we are djing at a club, or local bar. When we use these little beauties, we usually bring 2 or 3 of them with us.

Xtreme Quad Phase

We like to use American DJ's Quad Phase. This unit is designed to fill a room and dazzle a crowd with it's 160 razor sharp beams of light. This technologically advanced moonflower features a homogenized 10W 4-in-1 quad color LED source. Offering twice as many majestic colors as a “TRI LED”, the Quad Phase produces up to thirteen colors in all.

Xtreme Revo III

American DJ's Revo III. This LED Revolution in special effects lighting with American DJ’s “REVO” LED Effects Series! With the use of the latest LED Technology American DJ LED Moonflower effects produce bright multi-colored beams of light; have a low power draw, produce very little heat and last up to 100,000 hrs. This unit is recommended for people looking to have a great time!

Xtreme Revo IV

Xtreme Sounds Dj Services also likes to use American DJ's Revo 4 as well. This is another LED Revolution in special effects lighting with American DJ’s “REVO” LED Effects Series! This Revo uses 256 razor harp Red, Green, Blue & White Beams.

Xtreme The Bubble Blast

One of our clients favorite's is the American DJ’s Bubble Blast. This beauty is an industrial Bubble Machine. It produces hundred’s of bubbles per minute that float over top of the crowd. This is a very popular machine and is used at almost every event that we do!

Xtreme Spherion Tri Led

American DJ's Spherion TRI LED. It produces an effect that is similar to a modern Mirror Ball. It features five bright 3-Watt TRI LED sources that project sharp beams of light from 116 lenses that rotate and fill an entire room. It allows us to control rotation speed and direction, dimming, strobing and color changing. The Spherion TRI LED also features exciting sound active programs that can be accessed just by turning on the fixture.

Xtreme Equipment: The Speakers

Xtreme Sounds DJ Services knows music and we know that Cerwin-Vega is the way to go!

We use the CVA-28 which is an extremely versatile dual 8-inch active full-range speaker system from Cerwin-Vega. The compact CVA-28 is easy to configure to meet a variety of different sound reinforcement applications. With three built-in amplifiers that are optimized for the speakers performance, the CVA-28 pumps out 400-watts of continuous power/ 800-watts peak power and reliably delivers a very rich and robust sound.

For the bass we use the CVA-121 which is a flagship 21-inch active sub woofer with tremendous power output and exceptional low-frequency response. The custom designed 21-inch driver uses the legendary Cerwin-Vega Stroker® three spider technology for maximum cone excursion and voice-coil efficiency. The CVA-121 features built-in amplification for a fully integrated solution with an authoritative 1200 watts of continuous output and 2400 watt peaks. A unique and striking cast aluminum grille doubles as a heat-sink to minimize power compression and optimizing driver performance. The CVA-121 is constructed of hardwood with the option of a Coolex® polyurethane paint or high-grade black carpet finish, in a compact enclosure design that has the footprint of a standard 18-inch sub woofer.

This high-performance active sub features XLR and 1/4” TRS connectors, Master/Slave output connectors for daisy-chaining multiple CVA sub woofers using a single signal, and a versatile on board parametric equalizer that allows for the adjustment of the gain, frequency, and Q for perfecting your bass performance. A top-mounted 35 mm pole socket accommodates a satellite speaker for full range performance, and removable casters add to the sub’s portability.

Xtreme Sounds Professional DJ Service

Product: UV Canon

• 400W Super High output Black light

• Ideal for large venues

• Comes with Hanging Bracket.

• Lamp: LL-400BL.